Spiritual Sundays: Our Favorite Budget Wines

Not only is this Spiritual Sunday the first one about wine that we’ve posted, it’s also the first one written by both Alex and Becky, so that’s very exciting!

We love wine. But we, just like many others, can’t always afford to buy pricey bottles of wine for everyday dinners (as much as we would like to). Luckily, there are lots of fantastic options for delicious, good quality wines that don’t break the bank. Here are some of our tried-and-true favorites, none of which exceed $10:

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Out to Eat in PDX: Savoy Tavern & Broder

Over on 26th and Clinton in Southeast Portland, just a few blocks between my (Alex’s) middle school and high school, there is a little corner with multiple dining spots: K&F Coffee, The Press Club wine bar, NoHo’s Hawaiian, and many more. Two of these spots are Broder, a Scandinavian cafe, and Savoy Tavern, a mid-western themed restaurant and bar. They are owned by the same people, and we love both spots. In this post Becky will share with you our outing to Broder, and Alex will share the trip to Savoy. Enjoy!

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Link Love

Here are a few finds from the blogosphere that I’m loving lately.

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Spiritual Sundays, Hiatus Edition

So, I’m very sorry that Spiritual Sundays has not been updating Weekly. Frankly, without a bar, the ability to make one, and the finances to go out for cocktails, it’s hard to be inspired to post a Spiritual Sunday update. That will hopefully be changing in the near future.

I’ve been stuck drinking mostly beer. Oh no!

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Tips for Packing Up & Moving Out

A few months ago, Alex and I packed up our lovely home in Eugene and moved. While we are still working on getting settled here in Portland and so we don’t have advice to share yet on the process of moving in (those posts will come later!) we do have some tips to share that we learned from our experience of packing up and moving. I was inspired to write this post after reading Tracy of Shutterbean‘s posts about packing tips & tricks on her fantastic column High Straightenance on the collaborative website Homefries. The posts with Tracy’s great packing advice can be found here: Part 1 and Part 2.  While Alex and I don’t claim to be experts on the subject (far from it) we learned quite a bit while we fumbled through the process, and hopefully our tips can help you out during your next move.

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Catching Up

And we’re back! Here are a few things we’ve been up to lately.

Antipasti platter on a sweltering weekday night.

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Grilled Chicken & Quinoa Bowl with Arugula, Tomato, Cucumber & Feta

On Saturday Portland got a major heat wave. We don’t get really hot weather here very often, so when it does happen, it’s hard to know what to do, or wear, or eat. Alex and I spent a lot of the day reading in the shade and drinking iced tea. When dinnertime rolled around, we wanted to make something cool and refreshing that was pretty simple to make and that wouldn’t result in an even hotter kitchen. Enter this lovely little grilled chicken and quinoa bowl with cucumber, tomato and feta.

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A Weekend in the Garden

This past week Alex got to come out to my family’s house during his days off from work. It had been a while since he’d been there, and he was happy to spend time playing with dogs and lounging in the backyard.

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Spiritual Sundays: Rum!

Generally when I order a cocktail out, or make one at home, I prefer Gin and Whiskey. Manhattans, Negronis, Boulvadiers, Old-Fashioneds, G&Ts, etc…  But now that summer has arrived in full, I’ve been trying my hand at a spirit that I’m not totally familiar with: Rum.

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Out to Eat in PDX: Tasty n Sons

Alex and I constantly have a running mental list of restaurants we want to visit. We hear from friends or read in blogs, magazines or newspapers about the new places in Portland that everyone’s eating, and subsequently talking and writing about. I love that there are always new, fun restaurants popping up in Portland to check out, so the list will never really end.

Tasty n Sons has been on that list for a long time. So, after a failed attempt to dine there with my parents for brunch (a long line means a good, popular restaurant, after all), Alex and I found ourselves back there one day after he had an interview. And we were so glad we did. Image

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