Spiritual Sundays: Our Favorite Budget Wines

Not only is this Spiritual Sunday the first one about wine that we’ve posted, it’s also the first one written by both Alex and Becky, so that’s very exciting!

We love wine. But we, just like many others, can’t always afford to buy pricey bottles of wine for everyday dinners (as much as we would like to). Luckily, there are lots of fantastic options for delicious, good quality wines that don’t break the bank. Here are some of our tried-and-true favorites, none of which exceed $10:

1. Casal Garcia Rosé

Is there a better cheap summer wine than Casal Garcia? If there is, we have yet to find it. We usually drink this pink, fruity yet dry, lightly sparkling wine all summer long. It goes with all sorts of BBQ, pizzas, and caprese, and as it’s relatively low in alcohol, it’s easy to polish off a bottle together without worrying about the next day. It tastes like strawberries and summer. If you think you don’t like fruity rosé, try this.

2. Viu Manent Malbec

A Malbec from Chile instead of Argentina? This was the first wine that Becky bought after turning 21, at The Kiva in Eugene. As the cheapest wine on this list, we’ve bought it multiple times since. Deep red and dry, it’s uncomplicated but pleasing and easy to pair, just like a Malbec should be.

3. Alianca Vinho Verde

This bright, light, grapefruity spritzer is perfect for drinking on the balcony in the summer afternoon. Like the Casal Garcia, it’s fairly low in alcohol, and like the Viu Manent, it’s incredibly inexpensive. Have it with chicken, pasta and cheese, or just on its own!

Alianca recently changed their label. Check out their new one in our featured photo at the top!

4. Quattro Mani Toh-Kai

Amazing, biodynamic wine for less than ten bucks?! This bizarre and delicious copper colored wine comes out of Slovenia. The name is a joke about wine laws and who owns the right to the name of Tokaji or something, but that doesn’t matter; what matters is how ridiculously good of a deal this is. Herbaceous and rich, with plenty of acid, minerality, and tropical fruit, this wine is a killer, killer deal. There is also a red, which is excellent, but not as fascinating as the Toh-Kai.

Note: I’ve seen the Quattro Mani at about $12 before as well, but that’s still massively under-priced for what it is.

5. Portuga Rosé

The Portuga comes in a white as well as a rose, but we tend to drink the pink stuff more often. It’s a darker, juicier rosé, but perfect with a lot of summer foods. We love having it with pizza, especially ones with salami and olives.

6. Torre Oria

If you’re going to a friend’s birthday party, don’t bring Cook’s – don’t be that guy. But also don’t feel like you have to spend $50 on a bottle of bubbly. Bring a nice, affordable bottle of sparkling wine that tastes like it should cost much more, like the Torre Oria, and you’ll be sure to impress.

We also like to drink this with Chinese food, and the rosé version (because everything has a white and a rosé on this list, apparently) goes great with grilled vegetables and shrimp with Parmesan. We had it for our anniversary, in the lovely wine glasses my (Alex’s) dad gave us (see our featured image at the top).

So the next time you’re in the market for a bottle of wine and you’re on a $10 budget, don’t reach for a bottle of Carlo Rossi or Yellowtail – grab one of these wines that are both easy on the wallet and totally delicious.


Note: While we usually only use our own images, the photos in the post’s body of the Alianca, Casal Garcia, and Viu Manent were not taken by us. If there is any problem with their use on this site, we will take them down immediately. Thanks!


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