Out to Eat in PDX: Tasty n Sons

Alex and I constantly have a running mental list of restaurants we want to visit. We hear from friends or read in blogs, magazines or newspapers about the new places in Portland that everyone’s eating, and subsequently talking and writing about. I love that there are always new, fun restaurants popping up in Portland to check out, so the list will never really end.

Tasty n Sons has been on that list for a long time. So, after a failed attempt to dine there with my parents for brunch (a long line means a good, popular restaurant, after all), Alex and I found ourselves back there one day after he had an interview. And we were so glad we did. Image

Tasty n Sons – at 3808 N Williams – is known for their fantastic brunch, and their menu is based on small or large plates that you share family-style. Since there were just the two of us, we shared what we ordered, but we’d love to go back with a larger group to really get the full experience – any takers?

First, we ordered a radicchio salad with parmesan reggiano vinaigrette. Now, we were (ok, I was) a little hesitant about this. Just radicchio? I love the bitter, spicy green (er, purple?) but usually the bitterness is mellowed when it’s mixed with other, non-bitter greens. But dang, was I proven wrong. The vinaigrette and cheese on this salad balanced the bitterness and made it absolutely delectable.


Radicchio salad with parmesan reggiano vinaigrette

Next, Alex and I each got an egg dish that we shared. Alex ordered the boudin blanc omelette with asparagus, truffle cheese and dijon, and I chose a spring vegetable frittata with peas, caramelized onions, mint and feta.


Boudin blanc asparagus omelette


Spring vegetable frittata

Both dishes were incredible, with perfectly cooked, fluffy eggs and fresh seasonal veggies. Plus, I love love love it when my breakfast is served in a cast iron skillet!

Oh, and we couldn’t pass on biscuits, which honestly might have been my favorite part of the meal: warm, flaky and served with honey butter and a giant knife.


I fell in love with this biscuit at Tasty n Sons.


In process

It was really hard for me to leave there without trying the warm chocolate chip cookies, baked to order with ice cream. We’ll definitely be back for the happy hour, dinner, or brunch with a group. Also on the list to check out is Toro Bravo, a Spanish tapas restaurant by the same owners.

Tasty n Sons, we’re not done with you yet!

Tasty n Sons 

3808 N Williams Ave Suite C Portland, OR 97212

Hours: 9am-10pm, Fri & Sat till 11; Happy hour 2:30-5


One response to “Out to Eat in PDX: Tasty n Sons

  1. One of my mostest favorite places in Portland. The food is adventurous, to say the least. Cocktails are also pretty, uh, tasty.

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