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Grilled Chicken & Quinoa Bowl with Arugula, Tomato, Cucumber & Feta

On Saturday Portland got a major heat wave. We don’t get really hot weather here very often, so when it does happen, it’s hard to know what to do, or wear, or eat. Alex and I spent a lot of the day reading in the shade and drinking iced tea. When dinnertime rolled around, we wanted to make something cool and refreshing that was pretty simple to make and that wouldn’t result in an even hotter kitchen. Enter this lovely little grilled chicken and quinoa bowl with cucumber, tomato and feta.

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Picnicking in Portland

When was the last time you went on a picnic?

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Summer Dinners

Becky and I are back in our hometown of Portland, OR. It’s an odd, at times difficult, adjustment, made easier by the fact that we have a place to live. Both of us our staying at our respective parents’ places, with Becky spending more time at my place than I hers, due mostly to my busy work schedule at nights.

At the moment, I only have two nights off a week to do dinner with her, or really at all. We’re making it work to the best of our abilities.

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Mac n’ Cheese, Wine, Cup Pies, Pushing Daisies


Last night’s meal started with a bottle of wine, as many good nights do. Actually, it goes back farther, to a $50 Pinot Noir glass from Riedel that I found for a dollar at St. Vincent de Paul’s. Obviously, I wanted to try a nice Pinot in the glass, and the fantastic wine steward of Eugene’s Marché Provisions, Ryan Stotz who happens to be a family friend, helped me out with that by selecting a 2007 Pinot Noir from the Loire valley of France.

Though I was too busy talking cocktails with Ryan to remember to ask him about food pairings, I was lucky enough to  catch another wine steward, Ziggy of Kiva, when Becky and I were buying groceries there. We eventually decided on a baked macaroni and cheese to go with the wine.

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