Out to Eat in PDX: Savoy Tavern & Broder

Over on 26th and Clinton in Southeast Portland, just a few blocks between my (Alex’s) middle school and high school, there is a little corner with multiple dining spots: K&F Coffee, The Press Club wine bar, NoHo’s Hawaiian, and many more. Two of these spots are Broder, a Scandinavian cafe, and Savoy Tavern, a mid-western themed restaurant and bar. They are owned by the same people, and we love both spots. In this post Becky will share with you our outing to Broder, and Alex will share the trip to Savoy. Enjoy!


One day shortly after we moved to Portland, Alex and I decided to head to Broder, otherwise known as that Swedish place we’d been hearing so much about. This is one of those places we’d drooled over while we were living in Eugene, and we were so excited to try it out. Upon entering the charming little space, I was instantly reminded of Ikea – in the best way (like, you know, those miniscule but somehow magically bright and inviting kitchens you see in the catalog that you just know smell like cookies, not the peeling coffee table you left on the curb outside your first apartment). The decor seemed somewhat Scandinavian, but in a very genuine and not trite or overdone way, and these homey surroundings were a perfect complement to the food.

I got a baked egg scramble that’s no longer listed on the menu, but that was delicious – it was seasonal, I’m guessing, because it included asparagus. The scramble was served in a square cast iron pan with a darling little handle cover. Yeah, I know, this is really similar to what I got at Tasty n Sons. What can I say? I love me some brunch in an adorable cast iron pan. This came with walnut toast and a choice of side, which for me meant fruit, but I’d really like to try the potato pancakes next time. Oh and by the way – I had a really tough time deciding what to get at Broder, which to me is an excellent sign. Everything sounded amazing!

Alex chose a nice little sampler option called the Swedish Breakfast Bord which included salami, smoked trout, brown bread, rye crisp, cheese, citrus, yogurt & granola parfait, a slice of a cinnamon-cardamom roll and some fruit on the side. Ummm yeah. Let’s just say I was a little jealous and bartered some of my breakfast for bites of his.

Broder is really fun because the food is pretty dissimilar to anything we would ever make at home, or find at most local brunch spots. The presentation of the food seems to be a big part of the whole Broder experience too (think boiled egg in a cup, half a grapefruit, blue and white checked paper, tiny bowls, cast iron skillets that fit into wooden trays – check out their website for some photos), as are the small portion sizes: you don’t leave in a food coma. Broder’s menu also includes more authentic Scandinavian options than the ones we tried, like aebleskiver (Danish pancakes) and lefse (Norwegian potato crepe). Alex and I are itching to go back to try these, as well as for their happy hour to try some dinner options like the Stockholm hot dog (wrapped in flatbread and a potato pancake) or the Swedish meatballs. Oh, and the drinks list looks really fun and different too, with an emphasis on Aquavit. After our brunch, in fact, we noticed that the daily special cocktail was something with Aquavit and Campari and debated whether it was too early for a cocktail. We decided to abstain that day, but we’ll definitely be back for cocktails and meatballs and to sigh over the cozy Scandinavian decor. Thanks, Broder!


As I’m sure we’ve previously mentioned, Becky and I love happy hours; we’re not always able to make it out between 3:00 and 6:00, but when we are, we try and make it to one. Savoy’s happy hour is fun because while it has the usual cheaper fare and discounted drinks, it also has a drink special each day of the week. For instance, during happy hours on Tuesdays you can get the usual happy hour menu, but also the Tuesday special, which is $5 old fashioneds, sazeracs, and  Manhattans.

However, when we went for Savoy a few weeks back, we just went with the regular HH fare. I started with the $5 drink special, called a Moon Walk in honor of Neil Armstrong, who had passed away that day.

As Neil would have wanted it. I guess.

The drink was Tanqueray, simple syrup, lemon, muddled cucumber, and soda. Basically, it’s just a Tom Collins with cucumber, but as I generally love the addition of cucumber to gin drinks, I find nothing wrong with that.

For dinner we had burgers, natch. You can tell we’re outside for happy hour due to the dramatic sun-lit photos! Having the sun at that angle makes for some vivid photography.

Just like they’re supposed to be: pickles, lettuce, tomato, and pickled onions. I got mine medium-rare with bleu cheese. This is something like the third burger Becky has eaten in the past months since we’ve been eating meat. Before that it was something like 10 years! She got hers medium-well with sharp cheddar.

I ordered the salad and she ordered the fries, but we split them. The wine was the happy hour house red, an Italian blend. Nothing mind-blowing, but at $5 it was still delicious. While the burger ‘n beer pairing is a classic, I often prefer the burger with red wine combo. Having a burger, fries, and a beer often makes me feel way to full of carbs and wheat. Red wine goes nicely with the beef, and just makes for a pleasant meal. This time was no exception; a perfect meal for a summer afternoon.

Broder is open 9-3 daily for breakfast & lunch, and wed-sat 5-close for dinner; happy hour 5-6

Savoy Tavern is open 4-late; happy hour 4-6 and 10-close every night (check out the daily drink specials!)


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