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Tips for Packing Up & Moving Out

A few months ago, Alex and I packed up our lovely home in Eugene and moved. While we are still working on getting settled here in Portland and so we don’t have advice to share yet on the process of moving in (those posts will come later!) we do have some tips to share that we learned from our experience of packing up and moving. I was inspired to write this post after reading Tracy of Shutterbean‘s posts about packing tips & tricks on her fantastic column High Straightenance on the collaborative website Homefries. The posts with Tracy’s great packing advice can be found here: Part 1 and Part 2.  While Alex and I don’t claim to be experts on the subject (far from it) we learned quite a bit while we fumbled through the process, and hopefully our tips can help you out during your next move.

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Out to Eat in PDX: The Waffle Window (and Off the Waffle)

Welcome to the first installment of our Out to Eat in PDX post series! Portland has so many wonderful and varied food establishments, and we love to go out to eat here and experience the vibrant food culture. So in these posts we’ll share with you the restaurants, food carts and bars we’re visiting, what we got, and what we thought. Let us know if you have a place you’d like us to visit and write about!

We’re really into waffles. Sweet or savory, Belgian or Brussels or Liege style, cooked in our kitchen or eaten at a restaurant – we just really like them. We like waffles so much that (as some of you may know) we’re planning to name our future dog after them.

So naturally, we visited The Waffle Window.

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