Spiritual Sundays: Out & About at The Hazel Room

Because of my current habitation status, I am not boasting the impressive bar I once had. Sadly, my previous post about bitters and sodas features my entire bar at the moment.

One of the reasons I moved to Portland, however, was to enjoy the vivid, busy, and always growing cocktail scene. Becky and I have recently discovered a little place which has quickly become my favorite hang-out: The Hazel Room.

The Hazel Room – on SE 33rd and Hawthorne –  has only been around for a few months. It’s a tea-house and cocktail bar, which is basically the type of establishment I’ve been dreaming of for years. Their spirit list is made of mostly craft gins and a few whiskeys, along with European liquors such as St. Germain, Campari, and Creme de Violette.  The space is a cozy old Victorian style building. It’s perfect.

The White Rose: a light and floral cocktail which includes white tea, house-made rose petal syrup, 12 Bridges Gin, and St. Germain.

The Hazel Room gets its name from the proprietor’s grandmother, who ran a tea-house in the 1920’s in LA, where she served something a little “extra” in her teas. Those of you who know your basic cocktail history should know that this meant she was running a tea house speakeasy. This bit of cocktail history makes the place even cooler.

An unconventional (iced), but delicious, Sazerac.

The place isn’t open at bar-times really: it closes at 9pm most days, earlier on Sunday, but I actually enjoy that. They’ve got a great happy hour menu, which usually means that after my tea and lunch, I’ll have a drink.

A happy hour Negroni. 5 dollars? I’ll take four of them, thanks.

It’s hard to believe that, before I left Portland for Eugene, you couldn’t find a place on the East Side that knew what a Negroni was. Now they’re on every bar menu in South East. As it should be!

Speaking of their lunch, they have a great menu of light, delicious sandwiches:

Delicious little baguette sandwich with turkey and Oregon Bleu.

Can’t have a tea house without cucumber sandwiches!

Of course, it is still primarily a tea-house. As I don’t usually drink coffee, this is a nice treat for me (they do have coffee drinks as well, of course). They have an amazing tea selection from Townshend’s Tea, which they offer flights of.

A helpful timer, so as to not over-steep!

Finally they have a nice selection of pastries. The cookies that appear in the above photos are their salted chocolate chip cookies. a-ma-zing.

Pastries, sandwiches, tea, cocktails, and a Victorian setting. I never want to leave. Here’s to the future of the Hazel Room!


The Hazel Room

3279 SE Hawthorne
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 756-7125


2 responses to “Spiritual Sundays: Out & About at The Hazel Room

  1. I agree, this place is a pleasant addition to Portland. I love the white rose martini! The food is quality. flavors are great and you don’t feel terrible after you eat. I have to say that I had the best coffee drink there that I have had in a long time. Give it a try people!

  2. Weekend brunch — tamarind pulled pork on bisquit with gravy — Bloody Gina — no line, no wait — good food, drink and people — what more could one ask for…. oh yeah…. homemade ice cream!

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