Picnicking in Portland

When was the last time you went on a picnic?

Outdoor dining, dining al fresco, picnicking – whatever you call it, it’s always enjoyable to dine while taking in the outdoors. We have always been huge fans of eating outside, ever since we lived in Eugene and enjoyed dining on our beloved balcony as often as weather permitted.

Since we’ve moved back to Portland, we’ve been exploring a few of the city’s (and surrounding area’s) beautiful outdoor areas by – naturally – eating at them.

First up was the Hulda Kluger Lilac Gardens, a beautiful garden in Woodland, Washington with a fascinating history (check out the website). Alex brought me here as a surprise, but before we left we picked up some ingredients for a picnic, that we later enjoyed amidst the lilacs.

A delicious picnic courtesy of New Seasons Market

Another time we hiked up to the top of Mount Tabor to enjoy the views of the city and read. Alex and his mom made scones, and we also brought fruit and iced tea.

A budget brunch picnic

While Alex was at work one sunny day, I decided to eat lunch outside and watch the dogs play in Alberta Park.

Picnic for one, complete with mini baguette

A picnic provides an opportunity to get outside and explore a park or other outdoor space, and it can also be a very budget-friendly dining option compared to eating out. You can easily create a great picnic for a small amount of money. Some of our favorite things to bring on picnics include baguette, goat cheese, olives, salami, fruit, iced tea, and chocolate or cookies. Try bringing little bits of several different things for variety. Or, you can go the super-budget route, and take things you already have in your kitchen! Try taking some homemade iced tea, sandwiches and a good book to a park for a no-cost, blissful afternoon.

Now that Portland is finally experiencing a bit of summer weather, we plan to eat outside as much as possible. Are you picnicking this summer?


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