Spiritual Sundays, Spiritless Edition: Bitters and Soda

I work nights right now, as I have been for a few years. When I get off work, I usually just want to have a drink and watch an episode of Community or something. However, my store closes at 11pm, which means I usually roll out around 11:30, and get home somewhere close to midnight. If I want to get anything done the next day before I have to be at work again at 3:30, I really need to get up early. Of course, if I start drinking alcohol at midnight, it usually makes for a groggy morning. So what am I to do? Have a glass of water and call it a night?

Enter Bitters & Soda; a simple non-alcoholic drink that still has flavor and complexity and allows for some creativity far more than a simple soda from the store, and with almost none of the sugar.

While it’s easy enough to find Angostura, Peychaud’s, and often Regan’s Orange Bitters at a liquor store, those tend to get a bit repetitive and boring night after night. And with a whole array of new and exciting bitters coming out all over the country and internationally, why wouldn’t I want to branch out and explore?

Being in Portland, that means I head to The Meadow on North Mississippi, the destination for Bitters in Portland. Along with bitters, The Meadow sports an impressive collection of ports, vermouth, aperitifs, and some wine, as well as a massive selection of artisan chocolates and salts.

A wall of delicious and intriguing bitters

Note the glowing stairs of rock salt that the bitters sit upon.

A fantastic selection of vermouth.

You can taste any bitter and any of the aperitifs and vermouth at The Meadow.

Enough salt to finance a Roman Legion (jokes for nerds)!

At home, I’ve set up a little bitters & soda bar for when I get off of work.

My newest purchase: Celery Shrub, from Bittermen’s. A Shrub is a liquor, bitter, or syrup made from potable vinegar, or any cocktail made with such ingredients.

Celery Shrub and Soda

A nice alternative to alcohol, whether you’re on the wagon, getting off of work late and not desiring a hangover, or just don’t feel like inebriation.  Cheers.


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