Summer Dinners

Becky and I are back in our hometown of Portland, OR. It’s an odd, at times difficult, adjustment, made easier by the fact that we have a place to live. Both of us our staying at our respective parents’ places, with Becky spending more time at my place than I hers, due mostly to my busy work schedule at nights.

At the moment, I only have two nights off a week to do dinner with her, or really at all. We’re making it work to the best of our abilities.

I work at New Seasons, in the deli, which has an amazing amount of fresh, organic, local products. One of these products which caught my attention last week was our Caprese salad. Ever since our balcony garden, summer has meant caprese and rosé for me, so my mind immediately went to what I would do for our weekend dinner.

The other thing is, it’s difficult to share a kitchen. We love cooking together, but it’s hard without our own space. Luckily, with my discount at NS, picking up a few things for dinner is pretty cheap, and the deli is like no other grocery store’s. We debated briefly what to do with the salad and wine, bandying about the idea of grilling something, but we decided we just wanted to grab something to eat immediately. It worked out pretty great.

Free range, organic, local BBQ chicken, Baguette, Castlevatrano Olives, Rosé

Inexpensive Spanish Rosé from Cork, Winestore on NE Alberta

AKA, summer.


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