Spiritual Sundays Volume 2: The Best & The Worst

Sorry for the two month’s absence.

Since I’ve yet to get behind a professional bar, the majority of my knowledge comes from reading about cocktails and watching them be made by skilled bartenders. Due to my income and location of residence, I’m not always able to make it to the bars, so often I settle for watching bartenders online. In my searches I have found some amazing, inspirational videos. I have also found some truly dreadful ones. Here are some side by side examples of the best, and the worst, for you.

The Mai Tai:

First, a video by the talented and friendly bartender Blair Reynolds, from Portland, OR. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him once, and was at one point going to work with him at a Tiki event here in Eugene, which was sadly canceled due to a rainstorm.

Skill, charm, an excellent recipe for a fantastic drink. And to juxtapose that, a video from the American Bartending School, a series of youtubes videos that I originally found on Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s blog. Enjoy the horror:

Yes. This is the place that is supposed to teach you how to make drinks. Seriously, explore their videos, all of them are hilarious.

Robert Hess on the Small Screen Network is another bartender whose videos I enjoy watching. He makes his drinks pretty slowly on video, and talks a lot, so his videos are longer. They also have a weird, “Sex in the City” theme song. However, he has know-how, class, and a friendly, humble presentation to them, and I really like watching them. Here he is making one of my favorite summertime drinks, the Mint Julep.

And here is the exact opposite, and utter abomination birthed by the vile ‘cocktail’ warlocks of Brook’s Nightclub

Curse you, Cleavagey malefactor. Curse you.

Also, let’s check out their “Sidecar” (A Sidecar is a cocktail with Brandy, Lemon Juice, and Cointreau or other orange liqueur, shaken and served Up)

Begone, foul creature, back to the depths which spawned ye, and take your maddening parody of a Sidecar with you!

And, on the other side, we have this charming couple whose videos I stumbled upon a while ago. Not only do they make great drinks, they also offer a paring with each one. I would suggest watching all their videos, because they are great.

I just want to hang out with them. So does Becky.

So, finally, we have probably the best video on the internet for how to make drinks properly. There is no equal. No comparison.

Next post I’ll hopefully be writing about the new bottle of Kina Lillet that was just released as the Cocchi Americano. I’m very excited.



One response to “Spiritual Sundays Volume 2: The Best & The Worst

  1. Oh my GOD! Did that woman really add sprite and sour mix to a Mint Julep, or was I daydreaming? I’m no cocktail wiz, but that’s just ridiculously disgusting.

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