While I’ve been living with Becky for months now, I still had my old apartment, and in the next day I’ll be completely 100% out of there. As exciting as that is, it also means that Becky and my place will be covered with furniture, dishes, and other things I need to get rid of via Craig’s list or donations. It also means I have to clean out the vile disgusting mess that was my old place, courtesy of my roomates. Luckily, I have two friends to help me clean it out.

The amount of work to be done on my old apartment is pretty overwhelming, still. While I’m almost done with cleaning, I still have a lot of difficult paper work to do, especially because Bell Realty, our rental company (old apartment, not Becky’s) is awful.

Still, excited to get out of there and start working on our apartment. Living in two places is hard.


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